About Us

Founded by Darien Alexis Zelencia Talley, Zeze Rhythm is your new favorite online boutique providing clothing for women and men to wear the life they desire. The handpicked pieces found throughout the store are sure to add the style and flavor you need to your closet. Zeze Rhythm is based in Connecticut and began in July of 2020.

The name Zeze Rhythm has two meanings. "Zeze" is short for Zelencia and at first, it simply were to be named, 'Zeze Fashion Boutique.' Zelencia wanted to incorporate her love for music into the name which is where "Rhythm" came from. "Rhythm" is also to remind her to keep a steady rhythm in life and always go with the flow. (Fun Fact: Zelencia was a DJ named DJ Daz!)

"Being the owner of a boutique and designing my own fashions is all I ever dreamed of as a child. I appreciate every customer who brings me closer to my dreams and to everyone who believes in me-thank you!" -Zelencia

Stay tuned for exclusively designed pieces coming in 2022 and make sure to subscribe to the email list. 

Much Love!